Miocean's Mission Statement

To clean up our local shoreline using a business approach and applying expertise, passion and resources for measurable improvements.

Miocean's Approach

Our Board members identify pollution reduction projects at "the tipping point" - fully defined, permitted, agency-sponsored projects that need community-based funding. Miocean seeks worthwhile projects along the Southern California shoreline that will yield measurable, visible results within 1-2 years. The Foundation targets 2-4 projects each year, allocating resources to pollution prevention, education and structural improvements to reduce urban run-off and enhance water quality.

Miocean Today

Miocean recently completed its seventh project at Poche Beach, San Clemente, partnering with the County of Orange. To date, Miocean-supported projects have eliminated more than 1.2 million gallons each day of polluted water from our coastline. In addition, the new Miocean Back Bay Science Center will expedite laboratory testing and information feedback to the community for our 42-miles of Orange County coastline and offers an additional opportunity for kids to learn about urban run-off through field trips.

This expands our ongoing educational outreach. More than 10,000 Southern Californian 5th graders have "graduated" from Miocean's highly regarded Watershed Education Program at the Dana Point Ocean Institute.

The Miocean Foundation executes and audits its projects under the guidance of our all-volunteer Board of Directors.

The Miocean Team

Miocean's Board of Directors is comprised of Orange County business leaders who share a passion for protecting our ocean.