Restoring our oceans through knowledge, passion and commitment.

Miocean is a nonprofit foundation that applies proven business approaches to curb the harmful effects of urban run-off pollution and, by doing so, preserve and protect Orange County's 42 miles of coastline.

Urban run-off pollution is recognized as one of the greatest issues affecting the health of our coastlines. According to the latest report from the US Commission on Ocean Policy, urban runoff pollution is "one of the most serious impacts on ocean and coastal areas" and is "destroying the qualities that draw people to the coast".

We co-fund projects with local agency partners and direct charitable contributions to help reduce urban run-off pollution through measurable "end-of-pipe" projects, natural treatment solutions, research programs, upstream prevention and watershed education programs.

We are passionate about helping the ocean remain a source of well-being, enjoyment and vitality for all.

We love and cherish our ocean...your ocean...miocean.