The Current, Issue 05, Spring, 2011
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Mark your calendars for Blue42 2011: June 3, 2011

Pat Fuscoe, Chairman, Miocean Foundation

May 12, 2012

Dear Friends of Miocean,

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Orange County coastline we call home. Thank you for helping us secure its future.

This spring we will not be having our traditional "Blue42" gala at the St. Regis Resort. Although it always sells out as a great party, our Board decision to focus our key resources on Miocean's mission at this critical time is one we trust you will embrace.

We are proud to continue serving the coastal community by installing a major runoff treatment wetland system in Buck Gully at Little Corona Beach this year that will stop the pollution at the County's most popular tide pool environment.

We also are continuing to build the 17-acre treatment wetland alongside the Santa Ana River Jetty which cleans water while educating visitors and enhancing the park environment. Additionally, we are continuing to support the Ocean Institute's Watershed Education Program, as well as investigating two new County projects - one in San Clemente and another at Aliso Creek.

Finally, we plan to have a smaller, but equally fun, "thank you" event this fall at the Ocean Institute. We began our mission there ten years ago and will return for this anniversary milestone. We hope you will join us, so watch for the invitation while you enjoy a great summer in the clean ocean water!

Best Regards,

Pat Fuscoe

Pat Fuscoe, PE
Chairman, Miocean Foundation

Project Spotlight: Santa Ana River Wetlands Project

Buck Gully

+ Buck Gully ay Little Corona

Directs all canyon flow through (3) in-stream biofiltration wetlands

Santa Ana River Treatment Wetlands

+ Santa Ana River Treatment Wetlands

Directs 50,000 gal/day of polluted runoff to 17-acre treatment wetland

Chairman's Message

Miocean is a nonprofit foundation that applies proven business approaches to curb the harmful effects of urban runoff pollution and, by doing so, helps protect and preserve Orange County's 42 miles of coastline. Since its establishment in 2002, Miocean has committed millions to improve the health and safety of Orange County’s beaches through local water quality-related projects and water stewardship education programs that show results in one to two years.

Miocean is an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation that focuses on reducing urban run-off pollution, one of the greatest issues affecting the health of Orange County's coastline and waterways. Miocean supports municipal and educational projects that show measurable results.

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